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Lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our experts and industry qualified efficiency assessors can help you determine inefficiencies in your home which may be costing you money and contribute to your carbon footprint.

During an assessment, we will thoroughly assess your home and identify key areas which you can address to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. 

Assessments usually last roughly two hours and after the completion of our assessment, we will provide you with an official government recognised certificate which details the efficiency of your home compared against other homes in the state as well as solutions to improve your homes comfort and efficiency.

Assessments cost roughly $470.00 (excl GST) for a standard three bedroom home.

We can conduct assessments on new home builds, established homes, apartments and units, renovations and proposed floor plans. ttorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard, click the link below.  

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments: Services

Benefits for new home buyers

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments: Video

Benefits for real estate agents, sellers, buyers and renters

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments: Video

Benefits of building and renovating with a scorecard assessment

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments: Video

Benefits of the scorecard program for builders, contractors and architects

Home Energy Efficiency Assessments: Video
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